Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates, le hippie et le geek | Duel | France 5
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Is College / School WORTH IT? | Bill Gates (yes) vs. Steve Jobs (no)
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Provo Airport expansion could break ground this year as Utah County grants $4.3 million for project

The first phase of the expansion project, which would build a new terminal at the Provo Airport with four gates, was requested by Airport Manager Steve Gleason at a January Provo City Council ...

Why the Best Entrepreneurs Have Employees Who Disagree With Them

Entrpreneur|17 hours ago

It's an intuitive fact: To be successful, entrepreneurs must be powerful leaders whose employees immediately fall in line with their every command. When they make a decision, their employees ...

The web at 30: Apple's place in history

Macworld|3 days ago

The history of web browsers on Apple devices takes a lot of twists and turns. In fact, my first magazine cover story ever was in July 1996 about the first big browser war. You might be surprised ...

Purdue researcher's border wall proposal focuses on renewable energy, not immigration policy

Journal & Courier|20 hours ago

The Facebook post linking to the research proposal amassed 12,500 shares and counting. Senior strategist for Purdue's Office of Public Affairs Steve Tally said he had never seen a post have ...

The 20 worst phones of the century, and how they got that way

The history of terrible phones, however, is pockmarked with models that were genuinely unique. Herewith, our picks for the 20 most memorably bad phones introduced since 2000—plus another five ...

Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs (Microsoft vs Apple) Transformation Who Is The Best? From 1 To 62 Years Old
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Bill Gates Dismisses Criticism of Him in Steve Jobs Biography - ABC News.mp4
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Entrevista Bill Gates y Steve Jobs 1997
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Steve Jobs And Bill Gates - Motivation Video (HD)
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Bill Gates Talks about Apple, iPad, and Steve Jobs
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